Gardenscapes, Designs for Outdoor Living - published 1997


by Carol Soucek King, PhD. - foreward by Martha Stewart

page 148...
“A successful floral designer with a large family, he requested a garden that would be monumental and romantic as well as usable for a wide variety of family activities, says Lear. So we addressed these needs by first organizing the frame and structure of the terracing, courtyard and gardens, and lastly through the detailing.”

page 160...
“Complemented by Lear’s careful selection of antique French rambler roses on the arbors, mixed perennials, ornamental shrubs and specimen trees, the new design graciously honors the refined yet buoyant spirit of Maidstone Hall.”

Empowered Gardens, Architects and Designers at Home - published 1997
by Carol Soucek King, PhD. - foreward by Michael Graves, FAFA.

Page 110...
“This garden is a collaboration with Elizabeth Lear, a landscape designer who is sensitive to my needs.”